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New Floridians incoming.

Home to whitestone and 22 million more.

The South. A people's magnet.

For decades, we have grown to be an investment partner with analytical skills, experience in managing real estate projects and sourcing the best deals. Of course, the mantra of “location, location, location” is also true at Whitestone Capital as well as “Stability, stability, stability”.

Our founders and team are proud Floridians – but not natives. We came to Florida because we saw its great potential as the magnet of the southwest.

Whether its well-educated workforce, large corporations, retirees, people from abroad or individuals and their families crossing the Golden Gate bridge, leaving California behind:  The Sun Belt, especially Florida and Texas have prospered above average and are facing a bright and naturally sunny future.

Population change in 2021

Top movers in population influx, in thousand

North Carolina
New York

Investing in boomtowns

Florida. Growing home to millions.

Florida’s population in 2022 exceeds more than 22 million residents, trailing only California and Texas in size.

Florida also led all states in net migration, adding more than 388,000 residents between 2016 and 2020. That is nearly double than the next state, Texas.

Whether Orlando, Tallahassee or the Tampa Bay area, popluation is growing at a fast pace, exceeding four times the rate of growth of the United States.

For the fifth consecutive year, Florida ranks in the number one spot for net migration: According to the net migration data from the U.S. Census, Florida saw the largest gain of residents between July 2019 and July 2020 with more than 252,700 new residents.

Florida ranks #2 on population growth in 2021

  • Gain: More than 50,000
  • Gain: Fewer than 50,000
  • Loss: Less than 50,000
  • Loss: More than 50,000

Source: Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies tabulations of US Census Bureau, 2021 Population Estimates Program

A great outlook from any perspective.

Florida profits from many developments regarding every demography imaginable:

  • Being one of the most attractive places to work in the US
  • As the nation’s leader in higher education, it attracts both educated professionals and sought-after employees
  • while it remains the state of choice for retirees.

Migration to Florida has also been impacted by one of the most significant societal shifts brought about by the COVID pandemic:

The widespread adoption of remote work, which has allowed some workers to pursue longer-distance moves, causing the Wallstreet Journal dubbed “The Great Pandemic Wealth Migration” .

Nationwide, over the last year, Florida created 1 out of 13 jobs. An ideal business and tax climate attracted nearly 260,000 new residents to Florida in 2021 alone, the most of any state in the nation.

The Florida Chamber Foundation has been tracking economic migration for years. Based on the latest annual tax return data from the IRS, Florida attracted $23.7 billion in net economic migration; roughly $2.7 million per hour, every hour of every day.

If it is the summer warm weather, the absence of a state income tax, the affordable cost of living, the great supply of jobs and not least the landlord-friendly regulations, Florida is and will remain an attractive place to live in and an ideal place for good investments in real estate for decades to come. 

Florida population growth supersedes the US by far, especially since the COVID crisis.

U.S. population growth rate vs. Flordia population growth rate 2010 – 2021, percent per year, Source:

Almost 700 new Floridians arriving daily

Florida is the top country for daily influx of new citizens, both domestic as international.  

Source: “Florida ranks #1 in net migration for fifth consecutive year”
(Net Migration Gain July 2019 – July 2020)
Tampa Bay economic development council (EDC)

Largest economic growth within the US

Net change in income reported on tax returns of filers moving into state in billion dollars. Florida is accumulating as much growth as the following six states combined.

Source: Florida chamber of commerce

"Florida Ranks #1 in the Nation for Attracting and Developing Skilled Workforce"

"Tampa named #1 best city in Florida to live in."

"Orlando ranks #1 for multifamily development opportunity."

"Florida ranked No. 1 for higher education. Florida’s education system has held the top ranking for the last five years."

"Tampa Bay is in the top 10 cities people are fleeing to in pursuit of affordable cost of living and quality of life."


The Sun Belt

During the last 50 years, US population in the Sun Belt rose from 50% to 62%, boasting robust job growth and growing populations.

In addition to rapid population growth, economic growth is another fundamental that real estate investors look for, and the Sun Belt continues to deliver.

Clarion Partners research found Sun Belt population growth is expected to accelerate by another 19 million (+13%) over the next decade, whereas non-Sun Belt states are forecasted to rise by only 3 million (+2%).

All ages are drawn to the area for its business-friendly environment, lower cost of living, quality of life, and mild climate. We anticipate the ongoing rise in both workers and residents will continue, from both in-migration and natural births, driving the expansion of live-work-play environments.

Southern and western cities in Arizona, Florida, Texas and Utah are among the cities that have gained the most jobs since the pandemic.

According to CBRE eight of the 10 lowest-cost markets for real estate development are located in the Sun Belt.

The Sun Belt offers plenty of real estate markets to choose from. Whitestone Capital will expand throughout the Sun Belt during the next years and invites you to become a part of our journey.

Eight of the lowest-cost markets for real estate development according to CBRE 8 are located in the Sun Belt.

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