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We are Whitestone Capital.

Our mission

Whitestone Capital is a real estate investment and asset management company based out of Tampa Bay, Florida, that focuses on the acquisition, redevelopment, and management of multifamily residences with emphasis on both near-term income generation and long-term value creation.

We own and operate multi-family and student housing assets in Florida and are seeking to expand throughout the Sunbelt States.

Our mission is to change the affordable housing scene. With the help of accredited investors, we can bring about this change and raise the living standards for whole communities, all while generating worthwhile returns for those making them possible.

We create great places to live and make them fruitful investments. By acquiring existing properties and unleashing their full potential we accomplish outstanding returns.

Years of inhouse development enable data-driven evaluation and analysis tools that provide a holistic view on possible investment projects and highly-informed decisions. This pragmatic yet visionary approach is the key to our success.

We strive to create lasting and memorable relationships with our investors while achieving profitable returns for all parties involved.

We work hard to always maintain a transparent and personalized approach to our investments through our years of experience, accurate reporting, and a reliable, experienced open-minded team.

We bring prosperity to our investors, our tenants and entire neighborhoods. 

Numbers we care about

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A brief history.
A long future ahead.

Envisioned by two generations of real estate experts, Whitestone combines the most current technology and real estate science with decades of experience in the business.

The founders’ story begins in Germany, where they had operated for decades in a variety of real estate ventures.

For several years, we sourced undervalued properties, created strategic business plans and consulted with several of banks, private equity firms, well-known corporations, family offices and other high-net-worth individuals.

With an already stellar performance record in that field we located, re-developed and managed their own multi-family properties while applying the same successful actions and plans we found to be profitable. 

After a number of accomplishments in Germany, we decided to shift their focus to international opportunities.

Thus, Whitestone Capital US was born.

Whitestone reaches to Tallahassee
We break into Tallahassee multifamily and student market and acquire 320 units.
Our largest exit so far
Sabal Palm portfolio (127 apartments) is sold for $16,850,000
We expand our projects
Whitestone Capital acquires several properties with additional 232 units, turning the ensemble into Altura Largo.
First full cycle concluded
First full cycle exited, representing an IRR of 35%.
Our first project commences
Whitestone Capital started and raised $1.8M for first investments.

We believe in true values.

Making the world a better place to live and to invest in requires a strong set of principles. These principles are the keystone to our success and we hold them very dearly.

Driven by numbers.

To find the best property investments we combined a series of cutting edge, scientifically founded due diligences into a streamlined process – supported by a vast amount of data and research.

Investment in multifamily only

Multifamily properties are not only inflation-proof and easier to acquire and to finance. They take less time to renovate and are the most preferred housing form for Floridians and those who want to become them. This is what makes them our investment-vehicle of choice.

We focus on existing properties

The foundation of our success already exists. It lies in the potentials of mismanaged and underestimated properties.

Good property management, honest care for renters and the creation of truly better places to live make all the difference in releasing these potentials.

Renovating and refurbishing premises is cost effective, faster and more promising than building new real estate with an uncertain perspective.

We know the right people

Relationships are key. We have established partnerships, sometimes even friendships with important companies and individuals giving us an advantage when it comes to finding new properties. 

Many great opportunities can be found off market. We made ourselves reliable and trusted counterparts thus often being the first ones to be asked once an oppurtunity arises.

Reliability is our foundation

Being a stable and reliable partner in a fast paced industry is a challenge we are prepared for. It requires fast yet wise decision making to maintain a binding character.

Always having dealt with sincerity, we made ourselves the first to call for our many partners and real estate agents. 

Sustainablility as a necessity

We employ a series of ESG-efforts to save recourses. This starts with energy efficient lighting, continue with solar paneling or water saving mountings toilets and shower-heads.

This is why we invest in thorough renovation, green technology and also take measures to save our natural resources. Yet another aspect of our goal to make the world a better, a cleaner place.

An investment firm.
A people company.

We are a team of real estate professionals exploring new investment opportunities together. We believe smart and experienced people are our most valuable resource.

We invest in advanced trainings, sponsor graduate degrees as well as putting emphasis on a healthy work-life balance.

The executives

Mirko Otto

Mirko Otto

Adrian Otto

Adrian Otto

Ricarda Otto

Ricarda Otto

Chief Financial Officer

It's time we learn more about you.

We believe that trust is the most valuable aspect when it comes to your money. We are happy to meet you in person and impress you with any detail you need to know and give you a sense why Whitestone Capital might be an important part of your investment future.