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Our leadership team

International expierience united

Our founding and leadership team comprises people from all over the world, including Germany and Israel. As diverse as we are, we are united in our expertise and vision in real estate and the philosophy that makes Whitestone Capital stand out.

Mirko Otto


The German degreed industrial engineer started his career in 1997 and established his well-known real estate surveyor company “Otto & colleagues” in Berlin, Germany back in 2001.

Starting out as one of the youngest certified public real estate surveyor to ever graduate, he appraised thousands of properties exceeding 10 billion Euros, including well-known sights, buildings and skyscrapers known to every Berliner.

Mirko is also certified according to Euro-Norm and is holding the title as “Appraiser (EBS/BIIS)”.

He acquired his first property in 2004, since 2012 he also developed his own projects in Berlin and Halle.

Over the years, Mirko became aware of the many advantages of the US market compared to  over-regulated Germany and moved to Florida. 

He obtained the US accreditation “Certified Apartment Manager” and also finished his “Commercial Real Estate” at Cornell University.

Mirko is counting over 25 years of experience in assessing and operating properties today. 

Mirko Otto


Adrian Otto


Adrian is leading acquisition, financing and sales of our Florida properties.

His projects exceed a volume of $100M, more importantly, his average equity multiple is above 2, yielding no less than 100%.

He completed the American accreditation as “Certified Apartment Manager”.

He also passed the “Commercial Real Estate” training at Cornell University.

Adrian Otto


Ricarda Otto

Chief Financial Officer

Since the inception of “Otto & colleagues” in Berlin Ricarda is responsible for strategic and financial planning as well as controlling.

She is implementing our quality guidelines and processes within the company. 

She is also directing our HR department. Among other qualifications, she studied financial accounting at Harvard University.

Ricarda Otto

Chief financial officer

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