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Our track record

See for yourself how we kept our promises in the past. Apart from sheer numbers, you will get a feeling of how Whitestone Capital is working and is making things work.

We are proud we could time and again reproduce the trustworthiness of our investment concept.

To serve transparency, we are displaying all projects in Whitestone History.

Rent Increase
IRR Realized

* Average percentages of all projects in our track record.

See Whitestone Capital at work

A success "Made in Germany".

Before we took the Whitestone Capital idea to the US, our team of founders has built its foundation as investors and real estate developers since the mid-2000s – in Germany’s bustling capital: Berlin.

Before the political, legal, and economic conditions motivated us to focus our efforts in the United States, we successfully completed several significant projects in our homeland, which we are pleased to share with you here.

There is more to know about our vision.

So far, we were able to serve tenants, communities and investors as planned. Find out more about our holistic investment concept.

Why invest in multifamily?

Investment strategy

Florida and the Sun Belt

Leadership Team

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