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We are data driven. multifamily. reliable. your investment firm. Whitestone Capital.

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Welcome to Whitestone CAPITAL.

Real estate investments
done right.

Our investment vision brings prosperity to our investors and to the people living in our properties as a reward for very careful, extensive and (most of all) data driven sourcing and evaluation, thorough management and well-executed marketing.

We believe that an ethical and dependable company will always earn enduring success and transform good intentions into good revenue.

The root of our success is our capability and talent for finding undervalued properties, discovering their potential and vastly increasing their value.

We cordially welcome you to tap into our mission and to become familiar with nothing short of a dream we are able to live at Whitestone Capital.

Whitestone Capital IRRs 2018 - 2021

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Our investment track record

We believe in transparency and invite you to explore projects we completed in the past. 
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Deal Volume
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Total Transaction Value
over the last 30 years

Risk-balanced investments
for better places to live.

Our mission is to give you an elevated investment experience through expert guidance and total transparency every step of the way.

We strive to produce outstanding returns for our capital partners while aiming to improve neighborhoods for our residents through safer and cleaner living environments.

We cater to professional investors and family offices as well as high income individuals and institutions.

Since our foundation, we have been growing fast but organically in a market that is offering new potential and opportunities year after year.

We believe in numbers.

To find the best property investments we combined a series of cutting edge, scientifically founded due diligences into a streamlined process – supported by a vast amount of data and research.

Less than 1 in 110 offers passes our strict evaluation before it is even introduced to our investment committee.

We believe in multifamily homes.

We regard multifamily homes to be the most attractive real estate investment there is and made it our core business.

Resistant to inflation, multifamily properties can mean steady and reliable cash flow from a multitude of tenants as well as a good chance of appreciation year by year – when located in the right area.

Creating great places to live along the way makes our vision a valuable commitment to society in general – and your investment even more precious.

We believe
in the Sun Belt.

Florida and its neighboring states constantly rank high on market surveys, and a multitude of experts indicate that the Sun Belt is a profitable area for CRE due to high migration, among other factors.

Tampa has been named as the #1 city to live inside the US while Florida itself is the state with the second most increase of population, and we are proud to be based here.

Overall the net migration in the Sun Belt is above national averages, promising a good future for apartment buildings in this region.

  • Gain: More than 50,000
  • Gain: Fewer than 50,000
  • Loss: Less than 50,000
  • Loss: More than 50,000

We believe in real values.

Data driven

We spent years to develop an analyzing system that provides a holistic view on a possible project. Our focus on data is giving us a great advantage in finding the 0.8 percent of investments that make sense.

Multifamily focused

Multifamily properties are not just inflation-proof and easier to acquire and to finance. With the US becoming more and more a nation of renters, apartment rents and demand keep rising year by year.

Existing properties only

Discovering untapped potential in existing properties is one of our core strengths. We minimize risk by improving existing properties than to devise new building projects with unforeseeable risks.

Well connected

During our very busy years in Florida we have established a vast network of connections to key persons and entities which are providing us with opportunities throughout Florida off market.

True sustainability

Great places to live attract great people. Great maintenance and responsible management is worth a premium to great tenants. These people spur their communites and make a tiny better America or all of us.

Reputation by reliability

We have always treated sellers, realtors and property owners with a degree of reliability not common to our industry. This is why many important contacts, realtors and banks all over Florida make us their first call.

Clients who believe in Whitestone

We are thrilled with the success we accomplished so far.

We want you to hear more about us from the people who know best: Our investors and partners.

Their high opinion of us is truly the best recommendation

Whitestone Capital brings transparency and diligence to every transaction. They stick to their word and perform with a high level of strategy and meticulousness. Throughout the process, they kept all parties fully informed of their decision making and approached each problem with a solution‐oriented mindset.
We are pleased to provide this letter of reference outlining our experience with Whitestone Capital. Throughout our business relationship they have handled their obligations in a timely and professional manner. We regard our relationship with them very highly and look forward to assisting them in the future.
Real Estate Broker
My team and I have been working with Whitestone Capital since 2018. They have displayed a true proficiency in management. Their ability is on par or superior to most of the third-party management companies we have worked with. Whitestone Capital are above average owners and property managers.
Real Estate Broker
I have closed several commercial and residential properties with this company and they continue to prove to be reliable and forthright in all transactions. They are highly organized, excel in communication and understand the real estate process throughout negotiations and the closing period.
We have enjoyed a well-established and pleasant business relationship with Whitestone Capital. Their overall business and financial circumstances are in order and their company enjoys a good reputation. It has been a great pleasure to have been of assistance to Whitestone Capital.
Deutsche Bank
I live in Sabal Palms Apartments. I’m really impressed with the new ownership. They actually care about the environment that we live in. I am truly grateful and beyond happy that Whitestone Capital is now the owners of Palms Apartments!!"
Palms Apartments Resident

Reading is exercise for the investor's mind.

Stay up-to-date with Whitestone.

Your investment is a personal matter.

We believe that trust is the most valuable aspect when it comes to your money. We are happy to meet you in in person and impress you with any detail you need to know and give you a sense why Whitestone Capital might well be an important part of your investment future.